Children exhibit a powerful desire to be successful both socially and academically

Fieldstone School (Grades JK-12) develops leaders and global citizens through an enriched curriculum in the context of a challenging, caring and supportive environment. Fieldstone School consists of two schools: Fieldstone Day School (JK to 8) and Fieldstone King’s College School (9 to 12).

Fieldstone Day School offers an enriched blend of Cambridge and Core Knowledge curricula that ensures that students have the worldly knowledge and skills to succeed at school and beyond. We also boast an enriched Arts program, in which all students learn the violin beginning in Grade One. Our tutorial program provides your children with the individualized support needed to reach their potential.

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Fieldstone School is certified by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).


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Welcome to Fieldstone Day School


Fieldstone is founded on a strong and positive belief in children. Children, very naturally, exhibit a powerful desire to be successful both socially and academically. It is our responsibility, as a school, to help guide, encourage, and support them to make that desire a reality. We achieve this goal by teaching an enriched curriculum in the context of a caring and supportive environment.

At Fieldstone, we see not the child we meet but rather who that child will become.

David Butcher


Dear Prospective Families,

Thank you for taking the time to explore what Fieldstone Day School has to offer your family.
Fieldstone has an enriching and engaging curriculum and has created a dynamic overall school experience. Everything that we do is designed to support our students in their achievement of meaningful success. This success is fundamental to their positive sense of themselves as students, but the self-esteem boost gained from genuine success on appropriately challenging tasks can be seen and felt in the classroom, on the stage, in the gym and in their lives beyond the school. By setting out appropriate and meaningful challenges and then supporting our students in achieving success on these challenges, Fieldstone nurtures and prepares our students for future challenges, scholastically and beyond.

I have seen countless students over the years whose self-esteem has suffered as a result of a mismatch between their learning style, their personality and the structures and programmes of their prior schools. The turnaround, after only a couple of months, in some cases, is always wonderful to see, but never surprising. What can be achieved in our focused and intimate environment that focuses on the individual needs of our students has been remarkable. Our ability to understand what each of our students needs is matched by our ability to find a way for him or her to be successful.

Best of luck as you search for the ideal school experience for your children, and I look forward to meeting with you soon at Fieldstone.

Jonathan Harris

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