Children exhibit a powerful desire to be successful both socially and academically

Fieldstone School (Grades JK-12) develops leaders and global citizens through an enriched curriculum in the context of a challenging, caring and supportive environment. Fieldstone School consists of two schools: Fieldstone Day School (JK to 8) and Fieldstone King’s College School (9 to 12).

Fieldstone Day School offers an enriched blend of Cambridge and Core Knowledge curricula that ensures that students have the worldly knowledge and skills to succeed at school and beyond. We also boast an enriched Arts program, in which all students learn the violin beginning in Grade One. Our tutorial program provides your children with the individualized support needed to reach their potential.

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Fieldstone School is certified by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).


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Welcome to Fieldstone Day School


Fieldstone is founded on a strong and positive belief in children. Children, very naturally, exhibit a powerful desire to be successful both socially and academically. It is our responsibility, as a school, to help guide, encourage, and support them to make that desire a reality. We achieve this goal by teaching an enriched curriculum in the context of a caring and supportive environment.

At Fieldstone, we see not the child we meet but rather who that child will become.

David Butcher


Fieldstone is a welcoming and inclusive community

Dear Fieldstone Students, Parents, and Guardians:

It is my sincere pleasure to welcome all of you. Your family is embarking on a wonderful journey along with the Fieldstone Day School staff that will prepare your child to be a future leader global citizen.

You and your child have so much to look forward to this year. Our programmes offer a structured environment to monitor your child’s progress, provide support and guide your child to excel. Through quarterly reports, you will learn of your child’s progress both academically and behaviourally as the year progresses. Our after-school and lunch tutorial programmes will ensure your child has the support he/she needs to be successful. Finally, our dynamic Ontario-Cambridge curriculum will provide your child with opportunity to earn world renowned IGCSE and A Level qualifications. We believe that all children have the ability to achieve great things and have developed an academic programme that will challenge students of all abilities.

We believe that the future leaders of tomorrow must be well adjusted to the emerging globalized community. To prepare our students, we offer opportunities for our students to learn international languages and cultures in an immersion environment. Our English as a Second Language, French and Chinese language students are supported with industry-renowned Rosetta Stone software to give them the opportunity to practise their speaking and listening skills outside of class. Our English-Chinese reciprocal peer-tutoring programme give our students the opportunity to establish friendships with native speakers to improve language mastery. Our students are taught the cultural literacy they will need as they enter a cosmopolitan workforce.

Each student at Fieldstone is known, cared for, and understood. Our small classes give teachers and students the opportunity to really get to know and respect one another. Not only do teachers and students spend time together during class hours, they spend countless hours together in clubs, sports teams, tutorials and class trips. That is why our graduates continue to visit us years after graduation – Fieldstone is not just a place to learn academics, it is a place where children grow into adults under the guidance and care of passionate educators.

These are the years where young adults begin making decisions that can affect them for the rest of their lives and we make sure our students know that we are here to help them. Our guidance department and Duke of Edinburgh’s Award programme ensure that students have the support they need to prepare for university, their future careers, and leadership roles as well-rounded adults.

There is an exciting journey ahead and it is our honour to be with you every step of the way!


Michael Munshaw

Head of School

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