A Very Successful Start!

It was truly a pleasure to welcome students back to classes this week. Students and teachers dedicated themselves to creating a friendly and productive learning environment. From creating self-portraits in Grade Three Art to discussing the meaning of “Geography” in Grade Seven, students were eager to learn and to apply themselves to their studies.

Our classrooms continue to be welcoming and supportive environments in which each child is motivated to achieve his or her goals and is inspired to learn great things.

We remain committed to inspiring, motivating, encouraging, and educating our students, and it is such a pleasure to celebrate their successesWe are proud of how well they have adapted to new safety protocols, following the lead of their teachersand we find comfort in being able to trust that all of us at Fieldstone have each other’s safety and well-being in mind, as always.

We are excited to support the growth of each student this year, and maintain a commitment to doing so within a safe and healthy learning environment. If you have not yet viewed our Health and Safety Showcase video, please find it HERE.

Here’s to a rewarding 2020-2021 school year!

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