At Fieldstone, topics are revisited from multiple angles as students progress from introductory studies at the Primary Level to more in-depth research and analysis by the Middle School grades. Students deepen their understandings of curriculum areas by building on prior knowledge and re-visiting key themes from different perspectives.

Our students begin studying ancient civilizations in Kindergarten. By their Middle School years, they are ready to be thoughtful historians. As part of this study of Ancient Rome, Grade Six students recently “visited” the Pantheon through an engaging virtual field trip, and then created sketches of this building in Visual Arts Class, using tea bags to give an “ancient artifact” effect.

FDS students develop an impressive degree of cultural literacy and a deep appreciation of World History and Geography. Our interconnected approach to curriculum areas ensures that they have the chance to view historical themes through multiple “lenses”, including artistic ones. This approach helps our students to develop critical thinking skills, confidence, and a lifelong love of learning.