Fieldstone recognizes that an enriching education in Music will support our students’ success in a variety of subjects, and will help them to be culturally-literate members of society.

Our students begin to learn the violin in Grade One, and quickly develop to become talented young musicians. Meanwhile, our Morning Music programme introduces them to a range of classical and contemporary composers so that they can appreciate a diverse variety of musical styles.

Our Holiday Concert brings the entire community together to celebrate our students’ musicianship and artistry. This year’s turnout was our largest in years, and it was heartwarming to see so many faculty members, friends, and family supporting our talented students. The event featured strings, vocal arrangements, and even art on display from our Visual Arts classes.

The Holiday Concert was mentioned frequently in our 2019 School Survey as one of the school’s annual highlights. As the occasion showcases students’ hard work, community-mindedness, and creativity, it is easy to see why the occasion is so popular with our community.

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