During our campus closure, we have continued to foster our students’ development by guiding them through a rich curriculum. It has been exciting and inspiring to see students in all grades approach online studies with an open mind and an unwavering desire to continue to learn. They have continued to take pride in their achievements and to share their work with their teacher and peers in a variety of ways.

At FDS, students begin studying History in Kindergarten. Our Kindergarten students recently studied Ancient Egypt and proudly shared their drawings of Pharaohs via Google Meet.

Our Senior FDS Math students, meanwhile, continued to prepare for our rigorous FKCS curriculum and were provided with a solid foundation in all areas of mathematics. They were encouraged to connect their studies in Math to a cross section of curriculum areas. Grade Eight students applied translation, rotation, and reflection to an original shape to create beautiful pieces of art, which they shared with one another during a virtual meeting. 

While the world has adapted to many changes, our commitment to supporting student success has remained constant. We congratulate all students on completing the year successfully, and taking advantage of every learning opportunity, whether on campus or online. We will miss seeing your smiling faces, even virtually, and can’t wait to welcome you back to campus when it is safe to do so.


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