As Canada’s Cambridge school, we continually find ways to integrate the rich and engaging Cambridge curriculum into every aspect of our school day. Beginning this year, students spend time in their house groups almost every morning working on an innovative project of their own design (such as studying neighbourhood demographics, presented at left) as part of our newly launched Global Perspectives programme.

The Global Perspectives programme was developed by Cambridge Assessment International Education, and develops the “Cambridge learner attributes” of research, analysis, evaluation, reflection, collaboration and communication. It strengthens cross-curricular links and encourages students to apply their learning to the world around them.

Through their participation in the Global Perspectives programme, our students will achieve the following aims:

  • develop the skills needed for further education and the workplace
  • understand their place in an interconnected world
  • make informed decisions about the information they read, hear, and see
  • understand how causes and consequences are connected
  • suggest solutions for problems faced by their community
  • work collaboratively as a team to achieve shared goals
  • analyse and reflect on issues from different perspectives
  • become increasingly independent and reflective learners

As Fieldstone’s mission involves preparing our students to be future global leaders, we are passionate about the value of this kind of programme. The Global Perspectives programme takes the same mixed-age and cross-curricular angle as our Enrichment Clusters have done in the past, but focuses more specifically on world issues and current topics of international interest.

We look forward to sharing more about this unique programme as it continues to take shape at Fieldstone Day School this year.

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