At this week’s Enrichment Cluster meetings, all FDS students appeared energized and excited about their projects. Whether crafting clothing from recycled materials in “Eco-Chic” or practising an original song in “Songwriters’ Circle,” our students were dedicated to fine-tuning their pieces in preparation for the April 20th showcase and for the Grandparents Day reprise on April 24th. In “Crazy for Crochet,” students had pieced together their crocheted products to spell the name of our school, exemplifying the collaboration and creativity that are cultivated by these groups.

Providing opportunities for applied, hands-on learning is part of our goal as a Cambridge international school. Not only do our Enrichment Clusters help to meet this mandate, but they also allow students to bond across the age ranges and to work together on innovative projects that take shape over the course of the term. We are proud of the progress of all groups and can’t wait to see the finished products.

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