At Fieldstone, community matters. We find opportunities throughout the year to bond our “Fieldstone Family” and to promote community collaboration and team building.

Recently, Fieldstone Day School staff and students enjoyed a day of fun together at Adventure Valley Camp. They took part in activities that promoted school and “House” spirit throughout the day. Our four Houses, each named after a great Canadian, unite students from JK-Grade 8 at FDS and promote close bonds between students across the grades. The Adventure Valley programme is designed to help students in Houses to get to know one another and to feel proud of their House membership.

Whether in Richler, Fox, Carr, or Peterson House, students and staff thoroughly enjoyed their day. They look forward to more House bonding activities throughout the year, such as House Games and spirt events. This year, our friends at Fieldstone King’s College School are also taking part in the House programme, and for the first time in several years, we will host a JK-Grade 12 event later this year.

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