What is an Enrichment Cluster?

Enrichment clusters have become popular in recent years as a way of offering every student in a school the chance to bond with students from a variety of grades while working on a project in which they are genuinely interested and motivated to succeed. While the exact nature of these clusters may vary depending on the host school, there are several common features shared by clusters throughout North America:

  • Enrichment Clusters take place in a set time each week.
  • Emphasis is on real-life problems and authentic learning experiences.
  • Each cluster involves a mixed-grade group of students.
  • Students are involved in all aspects of the project creation (taking on various roles depending on interest and strengths).

At Fieldstone, our second session of Enrichment Clusters concluded last month. At the culminating Showcase, students presented collaborative projects to an audience of parents, peers, and- as special guests- grandparents.

In their clusters presentations, students showcased dancing, crocheting, song writing, comic book creation, and even eco-friendly fashion design. It was clear that students had learned new skills in their clusters, and had formed strong bonds with peers throughout the school from working with these other students in the Cluster sessions. We look forward to Enrichment Clusters being an integral part of the Fieldstone programme for many years to come.

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