After the great success of Enrichment Clusters last year, we welcome another season of creative and collaborative student projects this season. This fall, our student groups are focusing on topics such as positive thinking, filmmaking, and science experimentation.

Enrichment clusters have become popular in recent years as a way of offering every student in a school the chance to bond with other learners from a variety of grades while working on a project in which they are genuinely interested and motivated to succeed. While the exact nature of these clusters may vary depending on the host school, there are several common features shared by clusters throughout North America:

  • Enrichment Clusters take place in a set time each week.
  • Emphasis is on real-life problems and authentic learning experiences.
  • Each cluster involves a mixed-grade group of students.
  • Students are involved in all aspects of the project creation (taking on various roles depending on interest and strengths

Our clusters have had their initial meetings and are excited about their forthcoming projects. We look forward to sharing these with the Fieldstone community in December.

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