Bright and early on Sunday May 6th, two Fieldstone running teams stared down the 26.2 mile path from north of the 401 to Ontario Place (with many detours along the way). Our athletes were confident, excited, and ready to represent the school in this annual city-wide event.

This was our first year participating in the Toronto Marathon and both teams had a blast! Parents, students, administrators, and teachers together covered the distance in 5K segments with a final 7.2K leg. This was the first run for all of our students and they all reported that: 1) they could run farther than 5K (?!) and 2) they can’t wait for the next race!

Fieldstone students were among the youngest participants in the event and our team boasted the only parent/child collaboration in the entire race. Next year, perhaps we can challenge other schools and get more families on the road and running together.

We look forward to this new annual Fieldstone tradition. It exemplifies our commitment to the school as a learning community, individualized challenges, and the willingness to take risks to achieve the incredible.

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