Fieldstone prepares students to be future global leaders. As part of fulfilling this mandate, we help students to be confident public speakers. We provide students with numerous opportunities to hone their presentation skills, including participating in the Legion Public Speaking competition each winter. Our students always impress audiences and judges with the content and delivery of their speeches.

This year was no exception. Fieldstone students won first place in every age category at the local public speaking showcase, where they competed against students from a variety of schools in our region. We are extremely proud of these winning students, as they exemplify the poise, confidence, and thoughtfulness for which Fieldstone students are known.

Public speaking has always been an important part of Fieldstone’s curriculum, as we believe that confident presentation skills will help our students on their journey to become future global leaders. Writing and practising speeches also helps students to connect topics of personal interest to an important academic project.

Congratulations to our successful scholars featured in the photo above.

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