Staying connected with families is essential to building a school community. We proudly showcase our students’ rich array of activities and learning opportunities, and help the broader community to understand what makes us one of Toronto’s best private schools.

This week in our blog, we’re profiling three of our most popular social media platforms.

Facebook: Our Reach Expands by Thousands Each Month

This year, the Fieldstone Day School Facebook page has expanded its reach from 2,000 to 6,000 users. Features like “throwback Thursdays” remind our community of our rich history and our daily posts engage past, present and future families.

Instagram: Uniting our Student Community

Fieldstone students love Instagram and use it as a place to show positive engagement in their school community. Our instagram posts regularly draw numerous “likes” from students in FDS and FKCS, as well as from our alumni! It’s exciting to see so many young Fieldstone community members active in supporting the school in this way.

YouTube: Home of Fieldstone Videos

Whether it’s a compilation of photos from our adventures at Ontario Pioneer Camp, an animated student video, or documentary made on a class visit to TIFF, we want you to see it!

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