Administrative and Teaching Faculty
Head of School: Michael Munshaw

Michael Munshaw, MSc, OCT +1 (416) 487-7381 extension 247

Michael has been a member of the Fieldstone community since 2009. Having first joined as a teacher, he taught middle school and high school maths, science and business, then moved to guidance before becoming the Head of both Fieldstone Day School and Fieldstone King’s College School. He studied environmental science and Biology at the University of Waterloo then completed his masters of science at the York University before completing his teaching degree at the University of Toronto. Although much of his education and teaching experience is in the sciences, Michael has a deep appreciation for athletics, arts and humanities and believes that a high quality education transcends subject disciplines such that students understand that all knowledge is interconnected and that living the enlightened life is both an art, science and physical endeavour.

Assistant Head of School: Sue Johnson

Susan JohnsonSue Johnson, BA, BEd, OCT +1 (416) 487-7381 extension 227

Sue Johnson graduated with a BAH in psychology from McMaster University and a B.Ed from Queens University. She has been working in education for over 30 years. Her love of children and learning inspired her to become a teacher and pursue a lifelong career in education. She began her career at Havergal College under the mentorship of Dorothy Lancaster, the principal, who shared with her the importance of not only enriching the intelligence of a child but nurturing their spirit as well. Sue has worked at Fieldstone Day school for 17 years and has seen the student population grow from 8 students to 180 students. She enjoys skiing, cycling, and practicing yoga. She and her husband enjoy walking their golden lab, Meringue and playing tennis with their two children aged 23 and 25.

Assistant Head of School: Brian Munshaw

brian-munshawBrian Munshaw, MSc, BEd, OCT +1 (416) 487-7381 extension 412

Brian Munshaw grew up about a one hour drive north of Toronto and attended the University of Western Ontario. He holds a Bachelor of Medical Science, a Master of Science and a Bachelor of Education. His major during his undergraduate studies was Microbiology and Immunology, having always had a great deal of interest in the survival strategies and the utilization of microorganisms. For his Master of Science, he studied biochemistry. Brian continues to be fascinated by the process of inquiry and ranks Albert Einstein his favorite scientist.Brian followed his passions into teaching primarily because he discovered that he had a great enjoyment for taking complex ideas and material and making them more user friendly. He derives pleasure from helping students understand difficult concepts. In his spare time, Brian enjoys playing music, taking nature walks and spending time with his family and pets. He has a rabbit, a cat, a dog and a fish. One day he would like to also get a hedgehog and a tortoise. Brian credits his second year Microbiology professor for inspiring him to follow his passion and to teaching him to break down complex material into smaller parts.

Business Development: Ginie Wong

Ginie WongGinie Wong, BSc, BEd, OCT +1 (416) 487-7381 extension 230

Ms. Ginie Wong started her career at Fieldstone sixteen years ago.  She worked with both international and local students as a teacher.  She then became the International Student Coordinator and was promoted to the position of Vice Principal and then Principal.  After being the high school Principal for a number of years, she has recently been asked to take on the role of Director of Business Development.  Ms. Wong is a believer of lifelong learning and private school education as she herself was cultivated in the private school educational system from kindergarten to high school. Ms. Wong has earned the following credentials:  Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Education, Private School Principal Certification. As mentioned earlier, she deeply believes in lifelong learning.  Master of Business Administration (MBA) is underway and she is very excited about it!

Admissions Coordinator: Kristine Foy

 Kristine Foy, B.A., M.A.T., RECE +1 (416)-992-0187 extension 249

Kristine holds a Master degree in Teaching from Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey, USA.  She came to Canada in 1995 with her spouse and young son.  She is also a Registered Early Childhood Educator with Ontario College of Early Childhood Educators with a post-graduate diploma in ECE from Sheridan College.  Before joining Fieldstone this September, Kristine has worked in both private and public education sectors for more than a decade.  Her passion in education spans from early years learning to higher education and her quest for knowledge has led her to pursue and be accepted into the Master Degree of Professional Education in International Education at Western University (2017).

During her spare time, Kristine enjoys family life with her husband, son, daughter and a Pomeranian.   She is a proud mother of her son who studies Neuroscience at Brock Univ. in his final year and her daughter who is a young talent in film directing and production at age 15.

International Student Coordinator: Shawn Chen

Shawn ChenShawn Chen, BSoc, MBA +1 (416) 487-7381 extension 288

Shawn is the International Student Coordinator at Fieldstone. Shawn spent the majority of his life in China and now Canada has become his second homeland fostering his mental growth in terms of western culture and philosophy. He attended Dr. Sun Yat-sen University (Zhongshan University) in China, then the International University of Technology in Malaysia. He holds a Bachelor Degree of Arts and Master of Business Administration. His majors were Sociology and Business Administration. Understanding how a society functions and what make it functions better is the key factor that made him decide to study sociology. Later, he was offered scholarship and a job at the International University of Technology in Malaysia. This offered him the opportunity to earn his MBA degree. Education is one of the most fundamental and profound aspects of human society. To experience and make contributions in this sector is the inspiration that drives him forward every day. His favorite writer is George Orwell and his favorite singer is Miyuki Nakajima. Even though he is not an OCT certified teacher, and hasn’t taught a course under the Ontario Curriculum, he has been teaching IELTS and feels teaching is fun and enriching. His hobbies include reading, playing tennis, watching movies. George Orwell is his spiritual mentor, in terms of his attitude toward society, human nature and education. He strongly recommends that everyone read the section in his book A Clergyman’s Daughter in which he relates his experience as a teacher in a small private school.

Librarian and International Admissions Coordinator: Lisa Akita

Lisa +1 (416) 487-7381 extension 221

Lisa was born and raised in Japan, and graduated from dental college becoming a dental hygienist in Japan. Afterwards, Lisa practiced dentistry until she moved to Canada. Once Lisa settled in Toronto, she started to work for a Canadian company as a secretary. After few years, Lisa was offered a position with a Canadian broadcasting company and she decided to take on a physical new challenge by joining them. At the broadcasting company, Lisa was hired as a TV reporter for the multicultural program and she shared interesting local stories with the Japanese community in Toronto. Because of this experience, she started to be involved in the community more and more and it made her think of the importance of multicultural world here in Toronto. After a while, Lisa was hired by a Japanese publishing company that publishes magazines and guidebooks for Japanese locals and visitors in Toronto. Lisa has written several stories, created articles and learned many beautiful things about Toronto. Lisa works at Fieldstone and supports students at the library and also helps with international students’ admissions.

Bursar: Monica Park

Park MonicaMonica Park, BSc +1 (416) 487-7381 extension 235

Monica Park was born in Seoul Korea and moved to London, Ontario in her late teens. She studied Math and Economics at Trent University. Monica enjoys walking her dog, a golden retriever, in the early mornings, and hiking and camping with her family. Monica is willing to be adventurous only for the sake of her family. She has tamed the Ottawa rapids (only in the late summer, when the water levels are lower; a level 3 rapid nonetheless!) but prefers the calm and still waters of the lake as she sips her coffee. A more common enjoyment for Monica is history, only because she knows how it turns out. She loves life, laughter, family and close friends, and is thankful for those many blessings. Monica’s favorite book is The Purpose Driven Life written by Rick Warren. She believes that there is no hope and faith without purpose in life. Monica is inspired by her mother as a woman of a faithful, persevering, dedicated, generous, and grateful heart. Her mother has experienced so much hardship, and yet has shown that hardships can bear good fruit as long as you have hope and faith. Monica has been working at Fieldstone since 2003 as the Bursar and International Admissions Coordinator. She resides in the GTA with her husband, three children and a dog named Hudson.

Academic Data Management: Hala Hussein

Halla HusseinHala Hussein, BA +1 (416) 487-7381 extension 228

Originally from Egypt, Hala moved to Toronto in 1999 and has been working at Fieldstone for 15 years. She received her Bachelor of Arts (French Language and Literature) from Alexandria University.  She speaks Arabic and French. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, listening to music (Pink Floyd), traveling and taking pictures.

Marketing Coordinator: Melany Butcher

Melany Butcher, HBA   +1 (416) 487-7381 extension 249

Melany Butcher was born in Daegu, South Korea and came to Toronto when she was 12 years old. She studied Digital Enterprise Management (DEM), which is a specialist program offered through the University of Toronto Mississauga. DEM has helped her to prepare for marketing roles that are suitable for current business trends and also helped her to understand a new era of business, where the use of social network services are a necessary and essential element. Melany also has a Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia certificate from Sheridan College. Sheridan College introduced her to hands-on applied courses in digital media and technology, including online marketing, advertising and social media.

Reception: Paige Driscoll

Paige Driscoll, BA +1 (416) 487-7381 extension 0 or 229

Paige Driscoll was born and grew up in beautiful Bradford, Ontario, the so-called “carrot capital of the world.” After high school, Paige attended Ryerson University where she is currently completing a double major in Marketing and Human Resource Management; she had determined that it was one the more versatile programs and would place her often in close working proximity with many people, an environment in which she thrives. Paige is an avid reader and describes James Patterson’s novel, Big Bad Wolf, as her favorite; she particularly enjoys nail-biting intrigue. In addition to reading, Paige loves sports, visiting her cottage where she had an interesting experience recently when a tree fell through the roof during a violent storm, and being in the great outdoors. She owns a terrifying Pug named Tank and three cats, Coco, Jack, and Apple.

Teaching Faculty
Kindergarten and Grade 1: Amy Cardinal

Amy MacLachlanAmy Cardinal, BEd, OCT +1 (416) 487-7381

Amy Cardinal is in her fifth of teaching at Fieldstone Day School. Prior to coming to FDS she taught a year of pre-school at a private daycare in Toronto and worked at both day and overnight camps for many summers during high school and university. It was while working at a City of Toronto camp as an art camp instructor that Amy knew she wanted to be a teacher. Amy grew up in Toronto’s west end, but spent five years living in Montreal, Quebec so that she could attend McGill University. While there she did a concurrent education program where she majored in both Geography and Elementary Education. During Amy’s free time she enjoys all things cooking and food. She loves to try out new restaurants in her King West neighborhood and has a bit of an addiction to reality cooking shows! She also has fun entertaining friends and family and always channels her inner Martha Stewart to make sure her dinner parties go off without a glitch. Amy also has fun playing with her new puppy Gus at the dog park and taking him for walks around some of Toronto’s great parks.

Grade Two: Sonali Parkins

sonali_parkins2Sonali Parkins, BACS, MS, Ed, OCT +1 (416) 487-7381

Sonali Parkins has just returned from maternity leave and is in her 10th year of teaching at Fieldstone.  She previously taught elementary science at a gifted and talented school in New York City.  She holds a BACS from the University of Western Ontario as well as her Masters of Science in Education from Medaille College.  She has earned additional qualifications in special education, ESL and is qualified to teach up to intermediate math. Sonali has adorable 1 year old twin daughters and 4 year old son which keep her busy at home! When she has some quiet moments, she enjoys trying new recipes with her husband, as well as entertaining friends, watching movies and traveling to places near and far!

Grade Three: Julian Swinkin

julian_swinkinJulian Swinkin, BA, BEd, OCT +1 (416) 487-7381

Julian Swinkin joined the Fieldstone community in 2015 as the grade three teacher and has since immersed himself in life at the school. He coaches the Elementary Boys Basketball team and is also conducting the Orff Orchestra for this year’s Shakespeare production. He was born and raised in Toronto and was very happy to stay in the city to do the Concurrent Teacher Education Program at the University of Toronto where he graduated with a BA/BEd (Honours) and won the award for the top student in his Primary/Junior division. Julian enjoyed majoring in English and minoring in History at university and is still very passionate about literature. Julian spent six months living in Beijing completing an internship teaching English as a foreign language while he was in university. It was during his time teaching in China that he caught the travel bug and realised his passion for travelling. After graduating from university, he moved to England for two years to teach in schools over there and soak up as much as he could about English culture and the English teaching practices. In the UK, while he wasn’t busy teaching fun, engaging lessons Julian could be found travelling throughout Europe. The other great passion in Julian’s life, next to teaching, is music. Julian plays the piano, cello, guitar, ukulele, and pretty much anything that has strings on it! In his free time he loves listening to music and playing keyboard in his band. Julian is also working on an additional qualification for teaching music in primary schools and hopes to use this in his own classroom as much as possible.

Grade Four: Meryl Eisenberg

Meryl EisenbergMeryl Eisenberg, BAH, BEd, OCT +1 (416) 487-7381

This is Meryl’s fourth year teaching at Fieldstone Day School and her third year as our Grade Four teacher. She holds a BA/BEd (Honours) from Queen’s University and graduated with a University Medal as the top student in her program. She excelled throughout her university years and won several prizes and awards. Meryl has taught in our Primary and Junior Divisions and is a certified member of the Ontario College of Teachers. She has continued to further her professional development and has additional qualifications in Reading, Special Education, and Kindergarten. Teaching elementary students has always been Meryl’s dream career choice, and she is passionate and proactive about adopting best practices in education and innovative in the ways she engages her students. She is warm and supportive, and she creates a very positive rapport with all her students, inspiring them to become caring, independent, and resilient global citizens. Meryl’s students are challenged, engaged, excited to learn, and know that their individuality is valued! When she is not greeting her students in the morning with a big smile, teaching engaging and enriching classroom lessons, advising the Primary Girls Outreach Club, or performing exciting Science experiments, Meryl can be found reading a good book, watching movies with friends, travelling, and practicing yoga.

Grade Five: Leanne Martin

Leanne MartinLeanne Martin, BA, BEd, OCT +1 (416) 487-7381

Leanne Martin was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. She will always remember her Grade One teacher, Mrs. Walker, as an inspiration for her becoming a teacher herself, and she is forever indebted to her mother and her brother for their unwavering support as she pursued her dream to be in the profession of teaching. During her high school years at Etobicoke School of the Arts, majoring in Drama, Leanne not only acted on stage as her Drama classes required, but she also directed. In her final year of high school, she directed a play that was entered into the Sears Festival. That was when she realized her true passion for directing that still remains with her today. When she was in Grade 11, Leanne knew that teaching was definitely the profession for her and for the next three years she volunteered at her former Junior School, Millwood, in a Grade Five class, teaching Drama classes. During the summer months of those three years, she was a Camp Leader at Islington Community School. She loved spending her days with the three to five year olds in her “Tinis” and “Tots” camp groups. For her post-secondary education, Leanne went to York University for four years, where she obtained an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Women’s Studies. In 2002, she spread her wings and went to Queen’s University where she obtained a Bachelor of Education in the Primary / Junior Division. In her free time, Leanne enjoys going for walks, watching movies, and spending time with her family and friends. She especially looks forward to going out for breakfast on the weekend with her best friend, whom she has known since Grade One and is a teacher, too! She also takes every possible opportunity to go to Kitchener, Ontario to visit her identical twin sister, Lisa.

Grade 6 English: Leanne Martin
Grade 6 Math: Maria Eugenio

maria_eugenio2Maria Eugenio, MEd, BSc, OCT +1 (416) 487-7381

Maria Eugenio was born in the Philippines and grew up in the Bahamas. Science classes were her favorite throughout high school. Because of this, she pursued a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry/Psychology/Pre-Med at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY. Maria was a teaching assistant for the General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry labs at Canisius. This experience, along with her participation in various service programs, especially her service trip to India, helped her realize that medical school was not her calling. She was accepted to the ACE program at the University of Notre Dame; through this program, she earned a Master of Education and teaching certification while volunteering as a teacher for two years in Dallas, TX. Maria taught middle school science and coached soccer during her time there. During her free time, Maria enjoys a number of creative outlets. She loves reading, cooking, baking, knitting and practicing yoga.

Grade 7 English: Laureen Dennis

laureen_dennis Laureen Dennis, BA, BEd, OCT +1 (416) 487-7381

Laureen is entering her ninth year of teaching at Fieldstone and her thirteenth year of teaching in general. She holds a BA in Anthropology and History from the University of Windsor, a BA in Archaeology and Geography from Wilfrid Laurier University, and a BED from the University of Windsor.  She holds several additional qualifications in History and Special Education. She is also a member of the Ontario College of Teachers. She enjoys spending time with her family, swimming, singing and, of course, teaching!

Grade 7 Math: Sonali Parkins
Grade 8 English: Katrina Persa

katrina_persa1Katrina Persa, BA, BEd, OCT +1 (416) 487-7381 extension 224

Katrina joined the Fieldstone Day School teaching staff this year as the Guidance Counsellor and Grade 8 English teacher. Katrina received her Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Arts degrees after completing the Concurrent Education program at Brock University, specializing in History and Geography at the Intermediate and Senior levels. Katrina also holds additional qualifications in Special Education and English as a Second Language. One of her teaching experiences brought her to Shanghai, China where she taught elementary school students. Katrina also has experience planning educational programs for a range of ages, from JK to grade 12. Katrina hopes to create a warm, supportive and engaging classroom environment where students feel comfortable and challenged, and their needs and ideas are both reflected and celebrated! Katrina enjoys cooking, travelling and spending time outdoors. She visited England, Ireland and Scotland this past summer, and has already started planning her next trip!

Grade 8 Math: Andrew Johnson

andrew_johnsonAndrew Johnson, MSc, MEd, OCT +1 (416) 487-7381

Andrew Johnson was welcomed to Fieldstone in the summer of 2016. In addition to teaching Math at Fieldstone Day School he teaches Math and Physics courses at Fieldstone Kings College School. He completed his undergraduate work from Western Illinois University with a major in Physics and holds two master’s degrees from the University of Illinois at Chicago in Physics and Education.
Andrew recently moved to Toronto, growing up and working in the suburbs of Chicago. Preceding his move, he taught Conceptual Physics, Conceptual Physics Honors, and Advanced Placement Physics C at a secondary school while concurrently teaching Introduction to Physics I & II and General Physics I & II as an adjunct professor at a post-secondary institution.
Prior to teaching, Andrew worked on the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland. His research at CMS included studies in high energy particle physics at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and nuclear physics at Los Alamos National Laboratory. During his undergraduate studies, Andrew researched novel ion trap designs and is published in the American Journal of Physics for his development and investigations of a mechanical analogue to the RF-Paul ion trap.


Arts: Devon Henderson

devon_henderson1Devon Henderson, BA, BEd, OCT +1 (416) 487-7381

Devon R. Henderson joined the Fieldstone community in 2016 as the Visual Arts Specialist Teacher for Kindergarten to Grade Eight and has since immersed herself in the arts life of the school. She also teaches photography in the Upper School and runs a Guitar Club for them and will be running an Elementary Year Book Club as well.

She was born and raised in Montreal but has lived most of her adult life in Southern Ontario. She has an Arts and Sciences Degree from Laurier University (Majoring in Fine Arts) and won their graduating Art History Award. She has a Studio Arts Honours Degree from the University of Guelph and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Western Ontario with an Arts Specialization.

She also has many years of experience working as a Graphic Artist and Illustrator for Newspapers, Magazines and Books. Devon is also a professional Landscape Painter. Devon plays the piano and guitar and is a singer and a songwriter and lyricist, with one full album of Indi Folk Pop music newly released and an EP of Seasonal music coming out for the Holiday Season with her band Henderson & Hemmerling.

French: Ashweena Rumajogee

ashweena_rumajogee2Ashweena Rumajogee, BA, PGCert +1 (416) 487-7381

Ashweena K-Rumajogee was born on the beautiful island of Mauritius and lived there until she was 18. She then moved to the United Kingdom for higher studies and attended the University of London where she read the Modern Languages. During her school years, languages were always her favourite subjects and she knew that this is what she wanted to study later. Ashweena completed her undergraduate degree at Kings College London, specializing in French and English and speaks these 4 languages fluently: French, English, Hindi and Creole.

She had the opportunity to work as a part time teaching assistant whilst at college and this is when she discovered her love for teaching. After graduating, she decided to opt for the Graduate Teacher Program to gain her teaching qualifications through the University of Middlesex, London.

Ashweena has been teaching since 2007 but took a five year career break to raise her 2 children who are now aged 6 and 4. After spending 15 years in the UK, she moved to Toronto 2 years ago with her husband and children and joined Fieldstone Kings College School as a French teacher. This is her 3rd year teaching at Fieldstone and this year she is also teaching the lower school students which she finds amazing. She really enjoys working with them and hopes to be able to help them reach for their dreams through their education.  She also believes that every child should be valued and treated with respect.

When she is not being a teacher, Ashweena loves spending time with her family, cooking, hiking and reading. She also loves travelling, has visited 12 countries and hopes to extend the list!

Melissa Volekaert Centre for Student Excellence Coordinator: Sue Kostandoff


Sue Kostandoff, BA, BEd, Specialist in Special Education, OCT +1 (416) 487-7381 extension 248

Sue Kostandoff is the coordinator of the Melissa Volekaert Centre for Student Excellence.  She previously taught Grade Three at Fieldstone for 8 years, and is happy to return to such a great community after being at home with her two young daughters.  Sue has her specialist in Special Education, and received her Bachelor of Education at Queen’s University.  Sue has worked with children in a variety of settings, including leading canoe trips for girls with physical disabilites, running the gifted program, and teaching yoga at local schools.  Sue is currently engaging in a certificate program that focuses on coaching children in resiliency, social and emotional skills.

Music: Mika Posen

mika_posen2Mika Posen, MA, BAS +1 (416) 487-7381

Mika began playing violin at the age of 9 after falling in love with the sound of Vivaldi’s music. She studied with National Arts Centre Orchestra violinist David Thies-Thompson for nine years before pursuing music at the University of Guelph and completing a Masters at York University. She received her Suzuki Violin teacher training at the Southwestern Ontario Suzuki Institute in Waterloo in 2007 and has been teaching ever since.

Mika has been an active performer for the past decade, touring extensively across Canada, the US, Europe, and Australia. Classical music was her first love, but she frequently works with popular music groups, and has recorded with artists such as Timber Timbre and Feist. She also spent a year and a half living in Berlin and performing full time with Danish pianist Agnes Obel.

Mika still performs a locally in Toronto on occasion, but now dedicates most of her time to teaching at Fieldstone Day School, teaching at the Toronto Suzuki Studio, and writing music of her own.

Physical Education: Stephen Collins

stephen_collinsStephen Collins, BA, BEd, OCT +1 (416) 487-7381

Stephen Collins began his teaching career in 1997, after graduating with his Bachelor in Education from the University of Western Ontario. In his career, he has taught in Japan, the United States, Quebec, and Fieldstone. Calling Fieldstone home since 2007, Stephen has had many wonderful experiences. He teaches Health and Physical Education and is the Athletic Director for the school. He enjoys interacting with students on the playing field and passing on to them the valuable lessons that being active can provide. Stephen grew up in the small northern Ontario town of Kirkland Lake, before heading to Wilfrid Laurier University. There, he graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Physical Education with a minor in Geography. Stephen enjoys all sports, music, movies and travelling.

Science: Maria Eugenio
Social Studies: Laureen Dennis


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