Friday File

December 3, 2021

Message from the Principal and Vice-Principal

Good-bye November, hello December! Snowy school days have officially arrived. We kindly ask that students come to school each day with weather-appropriate outdoor attire and footwear (winter coat, snow pants, winter boots, hat, gloves, scarf) and that they have an extra pair of gloves and socks at school (to be kept in their lockers). We would like to extend our thanks to the Fieldstone Parents’ Association for purchasing three “Play Snow Igloo” structures for the students to use during recess as well as additional safe, snow-friendly toys. Much appreciated!

The week started off with the FPA-led Scholastic Book Fair and it was a great success! It was wonderful to see the students so excited about books and other great Scholastic items. Thank you to our parent volunteers for hosting this event! Up next, the Secret Santa Shop on Thursday, December 9. Please see below for additional information.

On Wednesday, parents and teachers had the opportunity to meet virtually to discuss and celebrate student achievement, during our Parent-Teacher Interviews. Thank you to the teachers for their efforts in providing families with meaningful feedback, and thank you to the parents and guardians for taking time to engage in dialogue with our teachers. Finally, thank you to our wonderful students for being so committed to your studies. It is our pleasure to support your learning and growth.

Our recent Curriculum Matters newsletter (which can be read HERE) profiles some of the ways in which our unique curriculum has been explored by classes from Junior Kindergarten to Grade Twelve at Fieldstone.

In closing, and on behalf of the staff and students, we’d like to extend a warm welcome to two new students (Grade Five and Grade Seven) and their families to the Fieldstone community. We’re so glad you’ve joined us!

Have a lovely weekend!

Kind regards,

Ms. Ginie Wong and Ms. Leanne Martin


Health and Safety Update for Schools from the Ministry of Education in consultation and partnership with the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health

Winter Break Travel Protocols – With the holiday season approaching, it is anticipated that many staff, students, and families will choose to make travel plans for the December break. As we prepare for this, we would like to remind schools to communicate to staff and families the need to follow federal directives related to international travel and quarantine requirements. By working together to share and discuss this information, we can help to ensure everyone has a healthy and safer holiday period.

Individuals must follow federal testing and quarantine requirements upon return from travel. This includes not attending school or child care for the 14 days following a return from international travel for individuals advised to quarantine or not attend school/child care upon their return.

While unvaccinated children under the age of 12 who travelled internationally with a fully vaccinated companion are exempt from federal quarantine, they are not permitted to attend school or child care for 14 days following their return.

Generally, individuals (staff and students) who are fully vaccinated are exempt from federal quarantine and may continue to attend school or child care.


The FPA Secret Santa Room – On Thursday, December 9, the FPA is providing your children a chance to go shopping at school! Here is the tentative schedule. There will be a variety of items available for each child to buy one gift (for a parent, relative, or friend). If you could please send your child in with $20 on the 9th of December, they can go shopping for a gift. It will be sent home with them, wrapped, tagged, and ready to be opened over the holidays.

Daily School Screening – Students are required to complete a daily COVID-19 school screening (found here) before going to school. The completed self-screening doesn’t need to be shared with the school unless the results require the individual to stay home. Anyone who is sick or has any symptoms of illness, including those not listed in this screening tool, should stay home and seek assessment from their health care provider if needed.

Face masks – Please help us to ensure that students are wearing clean face masks. This will help keep our community safe and healthy. We recommend that students wear one mask to school and bring a second mask in a zipper storage bag (e.g., Ziploc) for use after lunch.

Tutorials – Students are encouraged to attend tutorials for extra help in core subjects and for violin. Please inform your child’s teachers if you would like your child to attend their tutorial. The schedule can be found here.

Lunch Form – The December Lunch Form can be found HERE


By completing task booklets for the Character Pin Programme, students can earn House Points for each pin that they earn, in addition to the nice Character pin they will receive.

Please click HERE to access an introduction to the Character Pin Programme and the PDF versions of the task booklets for students to complete. If you would like a hard copy of a task booklet, or if you have any questions or need assistance with working on your Character Pin tasks, please email Ms. Martin.


Thursday, December 9, 2021 FPA Secret Santa Shop Fundraiser ($20) in the library


Friday, December 10, 2021 G2-8 Speech Outline due


Wednesday, December 15, 2021 Winter Showcase Assembly


Friday, December 17, 2021 FPA Pizza Lunch and Movie Character Day


Homeroom Holiday Celebrations


Monday, December 20, 2021 Winter Break begins


Tuesday, January 4, 2022 Classes resume


Begin Science Fair Projects (G5-G8)


Wednesday, January 5, 2022 G2-G8 Speeches due


November 28 – December 6, 2021



Kindergarten to Grade Four 

Grades Five to Eight 


Please find our House List HERE

Although we may not be able to host House Events as a school at this time, our students can earn House Points given by their teachers. Please refer to the House List to confirm which House you are in. Let’s go Carr, Fox, Peterson, and Richler!

FDS House Colours


dark green/green




navy blue/blue




Carr = 432

Fox = 434

Peterson = 451

Richler = 463














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