Cambridge International Examinations

Why Cambridge

The origins of Cambridge International Examinations are over 150 years old with the goal of raising the standard of education outside of the University of Cambridge. Over time, Cambridge qualifications have become a global standard for international education and are recognized from leading institutes from around the world.

A Cambridge Education prepares students to be confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged learners. The curriculum provides a challenging framework for students to master the material in a variety of ways such as expository writing, practical examinations, oral examinations, case studies, written examinations and course work. The Cambridge Examinations provide students the opportunity to measure their abilities on an international scale. All parties can be confident that the mark the student get was truly earned and valid.

A student leaving Fieldstone Schools should be confident that they have met an international benchmark of education excellence. They are well equipped to face the challenges of future education and life challenges whether it is preparing to enter a professional programme in post-secondary institutions or if it is to start their next level of education at the high school level.

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