Tuition and Fees

Fieldstone Tuition Information 2019/2020

Grades 1-5
Grades 6-8            $21,700

International Fees 2019/2020

Grades 1-5
Grades 6-8            $24,120

Other Fees

Registration Fee for new students $3,500
Text Book and Resource Fee $600
Activity Fee $475

Sibling Discount

  • The oldest child in a family pays full tuition.
  • His or her first sibling receives a 10% deduction.
  • His or her second sibling (or third or fourth, etc) receives a 15% discount

Tuition Assistance

Current and prospective families wishing to apply for financial assistance may do so through a third-party service provided by Apple Financial Services. Families can apply by completing the Financial Aid for Canadian Students (FACS) application available at Phone:

(866) 437 7795 / (613) 395 9300 or

Fieldstone’s Tuition Assistance Committee uses the third-party recommendation to determine the level of assistance that may be offered to a given family. All information gathered through this process is confidential.


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