Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fieldstone offer bus pickup for my child/children?

Absolutely. We offer a private door-to-door service.

What programming does Fieldstone offer for my gifted-learner child?

The needs of many of our students with giftedness are met in the classroom through the Cambridge curriculum. We offer a withdrawal program for designated gifted learners in which they work with a Special Education Specialist on independent projects.

What food services are available at Fieldstone?

We have an outside caterer that meets all our lunch needs.

What are the class sizes at Fieldstone?

The average size is 14-18 students.

What athletics does Fieldstone offer and what is the culture surrounding your athletic programming and teams?

We are a member of the SSAF (Small School Athletic Federation). Students can participate in a plethora of athletic teams and events including basketball, golf, badminton, hockey, and soccer. All students can be part of a team if they commit to practices and demonstrate sportsmanship.

What is the uniform policy at Fieldstone and where can I purchase the uniform for my child/children?

All students wear a uniform; there are many options to choose from. All uniform needs can be found at In School Wear at 135 Miranda Avenue. Visit their website at

How would you describe the school culture at Fieldstone?

We are a small school but offer all the benefits of a larger private school. We are a small inclusive community which allows for individual attention in and out of the classroom.


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