Service Learning
The goal of service learning at Fieldstone is to connect service projects to student learning and to put as much of the planning and execution as appropriate into the hands of the students. Ultimately, the goal is not just for good work to be done, but for the context of that work to be understood, appreciated and reflected upon by the students. Whether it is our younger students who will soon be engaged in sewing stuffed hearts for cardiac-surgery patients at the Hospital for Sick Children or older members of the School Me to We club who will be raising awareness (and canned food) through such projects as Halloween for Hunger or the Vow of Silence, the participatory and experiential nature of these projects adds an essential layer of learning for our students. The following represent just some of the organizations that Fieldstone students have supported over the last several years:

ME TO WE INITIATIVE Fieldstone has a long-standing and close relationship with Free the Children/Me to We, an organization that shares our global perspective and focuses on children helping children around the world. In 2009, a group of Fieldstone students traveled to Ecuador with Me to We to help build a school in a small village in the Andes. Ever since, our students have been engaged in Me to We activities, and Fieldstone has become an official We school. Each fall, a group of Middle School students attend We Day, an event featuring popular musical acts and world-renowned motivational speakers. The students return from We Day inspired to make a difference in their world, and through the very active Outreach Club, they are able to effect change both locally and around the world.